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My horse Flamenco is a 8 year old Ibero. One September morning 2008 he was found in his stall in a very critical condition, he had dislocated his right hind leg up in the region of the stifle joint. How it happened remains unknown, it looked like a forced impact but since he was in his stall all night and with nothing visible to the eye that could harm him, it was not possible to determine what exactly had happened to him.

After Flamenco suffered this trauma, the local vet was contacted but he unfortunately wasn’t capable to make a correct diagnose. That became a repeated story that  continued for almost three months , after five different vets, and just as many diagnoses, the treatments was non successful and kept his leg inflamed, and locked the joint completely.  Flamenco was walking on three legs at this point, and the last limb basically just dragged after him when he walked, it was unbearable to watch.

I got in contact with Dr. Alfaro by the end of November. ..

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