Spartacus is a 14 year  old labrador.

Spartacus, a male Labrador Retreiver, has been our adopted pal since 2002 when his family moved to a condo and he couldn’t go. He came to live with my husband and I when he was 9 years old. He is now 14 ½.

He tested positive as being Hypothyroid and takes synthetic thyroid hormone for this twice a day. Though his dose needed to be raised numerous times, he now is stable for almost 2 yrs.

He has always presented with terrible skin conditions and chronic ear problems. He also has Spondylitis and associated problems of arthritis. His vets always had him on varying doses of antibiotics and/or prednisone. We refused to use NSAIDS for pain. When the meds were done, the problems ALWAYS returned. It was a never ending situation that was very frustrating. We were very concerned for the long term health of our ‘Yellow’ friend.

We finally decided to go another route, and chose Dr. Alfaro to be our guide. After weaning Spart off all Prednisone and antibiotics gradually, he now goes for weekly acupuncture sessions, takes herbal supplements and vitamins and whatever is needed at the moment . He has been with this routine for over a year and he’s doing GREAT!

Although pain and skin issues do arise, they are quickly healed with no antibiotic/steroid use. His pain is mostly kept at bay, and if it kicks in too strongly, Spart goes for an extra session.

We are thrilled at how well he is doing, Spart is so happy to go on his daily walks and to not have his chronic ear infections. (He suffered hematomas in both ears due to their severity in the past.) His coat is thick and shiny. His breath is as sweet as his personality.

We thank Dr. Antonio Alfaro and Dr. Alicia Lopez for all their wonderful holistic care and knowledge.