Lulu´s testimonial

“My dogs name is Lulu, she is 7 years old. At 9 months of age she was diagnosed with hip displasia on both sides. At 11/2 years of age she was operated on the right hip. The surgery they performed is called amputation of the femoral head. This surgery was done to try and help her life a better life.

When the surgery was done I watched and waited to see if there was any improvement before. I went ahead and had the other side operation on. I never noticed any improvement. I decided to not have the other side done and concentrated more en giving her a healthy diet and supplements.

At about 51/2 years of age Lulu started having more pain, and I could tell the supplements I was giving her at that time were no longer working. We went back to the orthopedic surgeon and it was suggested to me that we do the surgery again, this time on both sides. I did not like their solution to our problem. Today, her right side, the side that was originally operated on, is her worst side. She also has developed severe arthritis all over her body.

Because her life is in my hands and she depends on me to take care of her, I Knew I had to find a way to help live a pain free life. We were fortunate to find Alicia.
We started Lulu on a natural, home-cooked diet, electroacupuncture, herbal medicine and massage treatments.

I know that in Lulu’s case it is a combination of all these things that are helping her. She no longer cries when getting up from a laying down position. She runs and plays and chases sticks, and is a happy dog again. I’ve got my girl back, pain free.

When Lulu and I went for our first appointment to see Alicia I didn’t know if her method of treatment would help us or not. But I was desperate to help my Lulu so I thought I would at least try it. I’m so glad I did. But most important, Lulu is happy”.

Thank you Alicia
From Lulu and Tammy