8Y old male

8Y old male

8Y old male, criollo

Acupuntura Tratamiento EquinoLesion is 3 month old, “came like that from pasture”, since then locks the stifle and not easy to undo. Crepitation is obvious when moving the patela. Vets have treated her with different antiinflamatory drugs, and adviced surgery.




This is the video inmediatly before surgery and this is the way that he has been for the last 3 month.

acupuntura tratamiento caballos

There is some erosion on the patela and what it looks like a pease of cartilage floating there, the rest of the medial and lateral trochlea seems OK.

Acupuntura tratamiento caballos

This rarefaction and cavity is seen on the medial troclea, but no radiographic major changes, since we did the surgical splitting of the medial patelar ligament under sedation and local analgesia. We did longitudinal stabing not transversal cutting.


This is the video of the same horse next day after surgery. He is having a marvelous recovery. Intraarticularly femoropatelar Hyaluronic Acid injection was also performed the same day of surgery and an intramuscularly and oraly condroitin and glucosamine supplements were prescribed.