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Re:Layering Global Schemes? - 2008/07/18 07:04 But we can play with them in such a way that makes sense and could use to attack sciatic problem in those 2 channels.

I cannot upload the picture but LU8-11 and HT3-7 will convert into the same Gua of UB and GB
SJ3-10 and SI 3-8 will convert into KID and Liv. If we do Kid 2,4,7 strengthens the Kid fuction and if LV 1,2,3,4,5,8 convert into UB and GB Gua, thats the attack.
You could leave the affected leg alone or add their respective XiCleft points to address even further. If we interrelate each other we will have double square lines and diagonal making the structural picture even stronger plus Yin-Yang Dynamics.

 That will attack Sciatic in GB,UB.”

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Re:Layering Global Schemes? - 2008/07/28 18:28 antonioa - Thanks for the most thoughtful reply I've seen in a while- and a nice application of the gua scheme- I like your thinking. Dr Tan should be proud!
Question for you: would you do LU/HT, SI/TB, LV/KI 3:6 together with the System 6 -UB/GB distal points (12 points total) or just one or the other(8 points total). I'm thinking in terms of keeping it simple- ie- what's treating the imbalance- the gua or the meridians selected...

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Re:Layering Global Schemes? - 2008/07/29 06:55 Thanks, very nice.
I think that as I said before, some cases are very stuborn because of the structural damage. DrT says that some cases they have no choice but to go into surgery and we know that for a fact. But by working this balance method around, also the body has no choice but to heal. So I think both, the Gua and the meridians do the job. I myself also want to keep things simple but simple sometimes require 5 needles per point as DrT's LV point. Best regards.

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Re:global balance treatment for hemorrhoids? - 2008/07/27 20:28 skerololar wrote:
can you explain the point selection in the BM method?

ok, LOOK AT THE GUA, SI is Fire and Liver is Heat, you do 3,6 and balance by converting Ht into GB and viceversa and SI into LV and viceversa.  
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Re:global balance treatment for hemorrhoids? - 2008/07/27 20:40 metatron wrote:
Thanks for mentioning the method using the elements, antonioa!
Would you use Earth above fire gua#37 (mountain over fire) or rather gua#38 (earth over fire)? I ask as both seem to represent the same element combination.
At Wen Wang Gua SI and HT are Fire and they are Yin fire so that Mountain been Yang Earth on top of Yin Fire is better picture than Yin Earth on top of Fire”. 

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Re:global balance treatment for hemorrhoids? - 2008/07/27 21:29 So, HT 9 on the right wil generate Yin yao on the 6th line, then yang line and again yang then yin then yang then yin, that wil be Metal on top of Water; Metal is weack from too much Fire then the Metal on top generates more Water to sedate the Fire.
Opposite SI 1, if we do SI 1 then the Gua will be Yin Fire as Body Gua and Mountain Gua on top so Mountain is Yang Earth on top of Yin Fire, Son sedating the Mother fire.
We will do then below KI 2,4,7, Metal on top of Water again and oppossite UB 60, 64, 66 which will be Yang Mountain Earth on top of Yin Fire.
Bleed SI1 and the veins on the back of the ear too for better results.
This is sedating the Fire and tonifying the Water.
Good for Hemorrohoids, canker, abscess, blisters, nose bleeding....
Done. This is Dr T staff. Great staff...”


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